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Wake Forest Football: Cade Carney Had a Great Spring

Student Sports

Cade Carney enrolled early at Wake Forest University, and many, including the coaching staff, were unsure what position he would play. There was no denying his athleticism, but was he a running back or a linebacker? After spring practice, however, there is no doubt what position he will play. In fact, he might end up being Wake Forest's starting running back. Coach Clawson agrees.

In the first scrimmage he finished with 70 rushing yards on 17 rushes. In the spring game he carried the ball 8 times for 30 yards and also had 2 receptions for 38 yards.

The video below is sensational. Yes, it's just one play, and there is very good blocking on the play, but he shows so much talent on this play. He had the patience to read the correct hole, and then he made a player miss in space, and trucked another defender en route to a long touchdown run. I may be wrong, but I'm not sure that anyone else on the current roster is capable of doing that.