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Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions: Wake Forest vs. North Carolina State

Who does the staff like in Wake's ACC Tournament opener?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: NC State wins 81-77

Unless the Deacs play a large amount of zone, Cat Barber will have another huge game. The Deacs just don't have a player that can stay in front of him on the drive, allowing him to get in the paint and score or create for other players. I think the Deacs can win this game if they play some zone and force Cat to give the ball up with double teams.

Bart: NC State wins 77-74

Barber torches us again for 32 points and hits a three with the clock wining down to finish our season (thank goodness).

Chris: Wake Forest wins 80-71

We can beat State. We've done it before. Neither team has a tremendous amount to play for, aside from pride, but I think we'll see a good performance from Wake trying to give Codi and Devin a proper sendoff.

Marc: Wake Forest wins 74-72

Wake ekes out a win to complete step one of its 2016 NCAA Tournament Cinderella story.

Ned: Wake Forest wins 84-81

Wake take the rubber match between the Pack and Deacs in the 1st round of the ACC Tournament. Manning opens up in zone against NCSU and a poor shooting day from Barber and Rowan allows Wake to pull off the mini-upset and survive and advance.

Rob: NC State wins 77-70

I badly want the Deacs to get a W today, just to hopefully give them something positive to build on headed into the offseason, but I believe our lack of defensive rebounding will prove to be too costly. There's no denying that Wake is capable of pulling off the slight upset, but between Cat Barber and State's offensive rebounding ability, I think State pulls away late.

Vegas: NC State is favored by 5 points. Over/Under is 151.5 points.