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Predictions: Boston College @ Wake Forest

Boston College travels to Winston-Salem to face off against Wake Forest in #TheRivalry. Who will win???

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Who does our staff think will win #TheRivalry tonight? Despite being down Devin Thomas for tonight and Cornelius Hudson forever, the Deacs are still favored by 6-8 points.

Adam- Wake 69-64

We will struggle inside without Devin, but I think BC just doesn't have enough talent to come into Winston Salem and beat us

Bart- BC 71-70

Wake comes out flat and even though Crawford goes for 28 we fall just short in a tightly contested game. Wellman says he couldn't be happier in post game interview.

Marc- Wake 77-68

Collins and Moore step up big and Wake doubles its ACC win total. Man, I remember when I was excited to write multiples sentences for these.

Matt- Wake 85-75

Devin will be a loss but I think we'll still pull it out.

Riley- Wake 82-65

I'm going to predict a decent sized victory for the Deacs. I fully expect Bryant Crawford to be even more aggressive tonight and take control of the game early on. I think Collins and Moore will surprise inside, and frankly BC just doesn't have the horses on offense to win the game.

Rob - Wake 82-70

This is probably the kiss of death, but Wake Forest should win this game even without Devin Thomas. He's clearly a very good player, but John Collins and Doral Moore have more athleticism. I think Collins has a nice offensive game with increased minutes, and Moore will provide energy off the bench. Definitely agree with Riley that Bryant Crawford will come up big. If we lose this one, it's embarrassing.