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Wake Forest vs. Boston College Preview: Q&A with BC Interruption

A chat with our friends over at BCI.

Dawson Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Blogger So Dear: Boston College's record is what it is. But for someone who watches the games, are you satisfied with the improvement you have seen throughout conference play?

Boston College Interruption: I think it's obvious, especially over the past three games that BC has looked better. A lot of that has to do with Dennis Clifford looking a lot better inside, but a couple of younger players have looked better. Sammy Barnes-Thompkins in particular has been strong in relief of Jerome Robinson. It's been a brutal start to ACC play just based on SOS but I think the Eagles have emerged as a better team on the other side.

BSD: What does the future hold for this program?

BCI: I think a lot of the answer to this question has to do with how Jerome Robinson comes back. If he comes back strong, there is certainly the makings of a young nucleus that can rejuvenate the program. The other person to look out for is John Carlos-Reyes. The biggest reason for BC's surge is how well Dennis Clifford has played. With Clifford gone, BC is going to need to find a replacement. I'm not sold on Idy Diallo, though after the summer that might change, so Reyes' condition is going to be important.

BSD: What does Boston College have to do in order to win this contest?

BCI: I think they need to keep the positive momentum going. With all due respect to Wake, BC has played competitive games against teams much better than the Deacs over the past few weeks. If Clifford continues to surge, if the scoring keeps up, and if (please for the love of God) Eli Carter shoots better than 1-for-17, I think this is game BC should absolutely win.

BSD: Finally, let's get a prediction for this one.

BCI: I thought this was a winnable game before Devin Thomas, Wake Forest's leading scorer, got suspended. Now I think BC should absolutely be considered a contender for the matchup. BC wins 65-55.

Many thanks to Arthur Bailin for taking the time to answer my questions. You can follow him on Twitter @arthurbailin. For all things Boston College, be sure to check out BC Interruption. They do great work.