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ACC Releases Future Basketball Opponents: Who Does Wake Forest Play?

Who are Wake Forest's basketball opponents over the next two seasons?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlantic Coast Conference released future basketball opponents for the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 basketball seasons. Who does Wake get both home and away? Let's briefly analyze the schedules.


Home & Away: Duke, NC State, Clemson, Boston College

Home: Miami, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Louisville, Pittsburgh

Road: Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Notre Dame

This schedule sets up nicely because Wake gets the opportunity to play Clemson and Boston College twice next year. They also have a monster home slate that features Duke, North Carolina, NC State, and Louisville. This schedule is very similar to last year's. If Wake is going to be this schedule, then the recipe is upset tough teams at home, and find a way to beat similar teams on the road.


Home & Away: Duke, NC State, Georgia Tech, Syracuse

Home: Florida State, Clemson, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame

Away: Miami, North Carolina, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Boston College

The schedule is very similar to this year's. A number of very difficult road games. It's tough to say what Georgia Tech will be at this point, as they will probably have a new coach by this season. I also wouldn't be surprised if Syracuse has a new coach, but it's way too early to tell.

What do you all think about the rotation?