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Georgia Tech Player Profile: Charles Mitchell

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Mitchell is having an incredible senior season for the Yellow Jackets, averaging a double-double with 10.8 points per game and 10.1 rebounds per game. Mitchell loves to get in the paint and battle for position, whether that be on a post up or going for a rebound. At 6'8" and 256 lbs, he has a lot of size that he can throw around, and outweighs every Deacon on the roster except for Doral Moore. This will make it pretty difficult for the Deacs to keep him out of the paint and box him out.When he does get the ball inside, the Deacs may consider fouling him, since he is shooting just 58% from the free throw line this season.

While he is not the go to scoring option for the Jackets, Mitchell has been a problem for opposing teams all year. In a win against Arkansas, Mitchell scored 18 points and picked up 18 rebounds. Against Pitt, he scored 20 points and grabbed 17 rebound, including 9 offensive boards. It will be very hard for Wake Forest to beat Georgia Tech if they allow Mitchell to dominate the glass on both ends of the court. Last year in the Joel, the Deacs allowed Mitchell to grab just 4 rebounds, and were able to come away with a win. If Wake Forest wants to come out of Atlanta with a win, they're going to need to keep Mitchell from getting the Jackets second chance opportunities.