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Wake Forest vs. Clemson Predictions

Does the staff like Wake’s chances in this one?

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Clemson wins 77-69

Clemson has been pretty good this season, I don't think the Deacs have anyone that can slow down Blossomgame. I think Collins will end up in foul trouble and be (unnecessarily) stuck on the bench for a significant portion of the game, and Clemson takes 77-69

Bart: Wake Forest wins 77-75

Wake will learn from the mistakes that plagued them in the second half of the FSU game - both from the players and the coaching staff. There's no reason to believe that Wake will be in the same amount of foul trouble against Clemson as they were against a bigger FSU team in a game reffed by the infamous narcissist that is Jamie Luckie. Wake is at home in a toss up game and needs to win to avoid an 0-2 start. I think the Deacs get it done 77-75 on a late second shot

Chris: Clemson wins 80-74

If Wake plays like they did against FSU in the first half, they'll win this one, and if they play like they did in the second half, they'll lose. The second half performance against FSU was more to do with the Noles stepping up defensively than truly poor play by Wake, but it still comes down to hitting shots for the Deacs this year. They can win without a dominating performance from John Collins, but they can't win if Collins is on the bench for half the game or if he puts up a goose egg on the stat sheet. I think Clemson's guard play will kill Wake in this game, 80-74.

Riley: Clemson wins 80-73

This is a big early season ACC test for the Deacs. They got hit in the mouth on Wednesday night and didn't punch back. Clemson is a really good defensive team who doesn't foul very often. If the Tigers win they should get into the top 25 after handily defeating a pretty good UNC-W squad by 15 earlier in the week. For some reason I just don't have a good feeling about this game. I think their guards go off and help Blossomgame enough to get the Tigers a win on the road. Clemson 80 Wake 73

Rob: Wake Forest wins 80-75

This may be more heart than head, but I’m taking the Deacs to win this one. I think Wake is going to knock down enough perimeter shots, and John Collins will get enough put backs to come away victorious. A win here will do a lot to change the emotions of Wake fans.

Samurai: Wake Forest wins 83-77

While Clemson is scary (and way better than I thought), I smell victory. The Deacs get up for their conference home opener and Collins goes HAM out of frustration with last game. Between Collins, Crawford, and the home crowd, Deacs manage a hard fought win, 83-77.