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ACC Bowl Projections: Where Could Wake Wind Up?

Despite a loss, Wake still in good shape for a bowl game

NCAA Football: Army at Wake Forest Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

I figured we could all use a morale boost after the loss on Saturday. What better way to do that than talk about possible bowl destinations (that we may or may not qualify for).

As of right now, Wake Forest needs another win to technically become bowl eligible. There is a chance though, that even at 5-7, Wake would qualify for a bowl given their high APR score. I will expand more on this in a later article if the Deacs somehow manage to lose their next four games (assuming I still want to write for BSD).

Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports is a pretty reliable source for projections, and here is his weekly release that has Wake Forest in the Sun Bowl (El Paso), playing the Stanford Cardinal.

The good news for Wake is that there are currently only 9 teams projected to get to bowl games from the ACC. Assuming Clemson or Louisville takes a Playoff Spot, the Deacs are looking at some nice locations to spend a few days at in December.

Mandel has them listed as:

Playoff - Clemson

Orange - Louisville

Citrus - Florida State

Russell - Virginia Tech

Tax Slayer - North Carolina

Belk (Charlotte) - Pittsburgh

Pinstripe (Yankee Stadium) - Miami

Sun (El Paso) - Wake

Military (Annapolis) - Georgia Tech

Duke, Virginia, Syracuse, N.C. State, and Boston College are all looking less and less likely to make a bowl at this juncture.

The rest of the bowls that are tied in to the ACC would go unfilled. Those bowl games are in: Shreveport, Tampa, and Detroit. The Military Bowl has moved to Annapolis since Wake last played in it.

I’ve got to say, pretty much all of those locations are ideal if there are only 9 bowl eligible teams in the ACC. While Annapolis is the worst bowl on there, it would be a really fun trip. Yankee Stadium and El Paso would be awesome experiences for the novelty, and Charlotte is an easy trip for most Wake fans.

So, while this past weekend wasn’t that much fun, if Wake can beat UVA or Boston College, a fun-filled holiday trip can be planned to a cool city.