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Staff Predictions: Wake Forest v. Florida State

What does the BSD Staff foresee happening tomorrow afternoon in Tallahassee?

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 5-1 Demon Deacons head south to take on the 4-2, 14th ranked Florida State in Tallahassee, seeking their first win there since 2008 and their first touchdown since 2006 (embarrassing). The game is broadcast nationally on ESPN at 3:30 (yes the real ESPN - there’s not supposed to be a “3” at the end even though I know we’re all used to that).

With all this in mind what exactly does the BSD staff expect to happen? Spoilers: PAIN. Let’s check it out:

Bart: Line opened at FSU -25.5 and got bet down a few points so at least some people seem think the line was steep. How steep was it?

Probably not too steep at all. Noles win 44-17.

Wake will be able to move it a little bit against FSU (think Wake's performance against State's defensive front a couple weeks back) but will be unable to stop any aspect of the Florida State offense as they completely dominate the line of scrimmage when they have the ball. I hope I'm wrong, I hope our guys read this and get fired up to prove me wrong, but I also hope we get out of Tallahassee healthy and get into our bye week without any major injury issues.

Bridgers: Noles 38-6

The Deacs haven't scored a touchdown in Tallahassee in a long time, and I'm just not that confident in our offense to see us getting one this year. The FSU defensive line will probably be the best we've faced so far, which will make it hard to run the ball. When the Deacs can't run the ball they have really struggled on offense (Tulane, State). I think FSU has several big plays through the air, and the Noles win big.

Chris: Wake shocks the Noles, 13-10.

I will be in the middle of nowhere unable to watch this game, but I have a good feeling about it. This year has some of the trappings of the ACC Championship team with a very good defense and an offense that's figuring it out, and we've had a lot of balls bounce our way. If we can keep FSU's ground game under control (which is a tall order), their passing game doesn't scare me nearly as much. Limiting big plays, limiting turnovers, and slowing the game way down should help the Deacs stay in it til late. It's wishful thinking, but I believe in this team.

(Editor’s Note: You da real M-V-P Chris!!)

Jake: FSU 41 Wake 13

Wake finally scores a TD in Tallahassee for the first time since 2006, but that's about the only positive for the Deacs. Hopefully they can get out of there without major injury and get ready for big back to back weeks after the bye.

Grumpy: 31-13 FSU. Not too much to say. Wake is going to have to play pretty much perfectly to even stay in this one. I hope they do!

Ned: 34-17 Noles. Wake's D has been excellent so far this year, but stopping Dalvin Cook and co. is a whole 'nother type of level needed. FSU gets on top early and stays there despite a solid effort from the Deacs.

Rob: FSU 38-10.

I don't expect Wake to come out intimidated. As bad as the team was two years ago, and as bad as the score ended up being (43-3), Wake was up 3-0 after the first quarter. Last year, in an ugly game, the Deacs lost by just 8 and were driving late before throwing an interception in the end zone. One thing I love about Wake under Clawson is that the team almost always competes very hard, even in games in which they are outmatched from a talent standpoint.

I'm not overly optimistic about this one. I guess that's what happens when Wake is going against a team that routinely recruits at a top 5 level and as a result the line is 21+. I think Francois' versatility will be too much and that Wake will struggle moving the ball against FSU's defense.

Average BSD Score: FSU 34-13

Remarkably our average score turns out to be one that is actually attainable. Can this be the week that we nail the score exactly?! Probably not, but that’s part of the fun around these parts.

So everyone but Chris has Wake losing handily and I applaud Chris for his prediction and truly hope he is right. What do you all see happening tomorrow afternoon - pain or pleasure? Let us know below and include any questions, comments, or concerns you may have and as always, go Deacs!