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Wake Forest to Debut New Football and Basketball Jerseys

Wake Forest will debut a new football jersey on Saturday, and also will be sporting new road (and presumably home) jerseys, both courtesy of Nike.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

According to the Twittersphere there are a couple of notable pieces of information that pertain specifically to Wake Forest jerseys---and that would be new jerseys is both basketball and football.

The first (and more pressing) jersey release comes from the Wake FB Equipment Twitter feed itself, where we will release "Black Ice" jerseys for the first time:

These are really, really fresh in my opinion. Looks like silver jerseys/everything else, with a matte black helmet for contrast. That should pop really well against the home jerseys of FSU, and is a great spot to debut them on national television this weekend.

The second jersey that was released today appears to be the road basketball jerseys that the Deacs will wear this season:

I also really like these. Minimalist look that has minor touch-ups from year's past.

Once the Wake home jerseys are released I will post those as well.

What does everybody think of these???