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BSD Predictions: Duke @ Wake Forest

What does the Blogger So Dear crew think will happen tonight?

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Wake 78-75

This will be a close one. With huge games from Devin Thomas and Bryant Crawford, along with the strength of the home crowd cheering them on, the Deacs will be able to close this one out late.

Chris: Duke 80-72

80-72 Duke. Wake comes out tight and tries to force the game early, turning the ball over and getting down big. Shooters are going to be important against this Duke team, so it comes down to whether Wilbekin and Dinos are hitting shots, and whether the rest of the team takes and makes smart shots. Our big men should have a good game inside and on the glass, but Duke is pretty tough, and will be tough to beat.

Marc: Duke 82-73

Duke's shooters catch fire, and Wake turns the ball over too many times to stay in it.

Matt: Wake 85-80

Devin Thomas does work, Dinos Mitoglou lives up to his stretch four billing, and Bryant Crawford helps bring home some highlight plays for a closely fought but statement victory for the Deacs.  Courts will be rushed and toilet paper will be a precious commodity.

Let's get it.

Riley: Duke 78-77

I'm picking Duke, not necessarily because I believe they are a much better team than Wake, but due to the match-ups and how Wake can defend. Allen and Ingram are going to be very difficult to defend do to a dearth of wing defenders that can limit players. I think Codi Miller=McIntyre will be tasked with guarding Allen, and will do a pretty good job. Brandon Ingram is hard for anybody in the country to guard, much less Wake. I believe Thomas will get the early assignment on him, but he has to stay out of foul trouble so he can be productive on the offensive end.

Wake gets out to a decent lead early, but Duke claws back and wins it late behind some big time shots.