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Wake Forest at #18 Louisville: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

What does the staff expect to happen in tonight's contest?

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Chris: Louisville wins 80-68

My Louisville prediction is pain. I think Louisville by double digits is all but inevitable. I think we really struggle in this one on both ends. It's a tough draw to get the Cardinals on the road in the ACC opener, but at least the Deacs have played  a challenging non-conference schedule to get them prepared. OUr best chance to win will be pounding the post and getting a ton of interior scoring. Second chance points would really help too.

Marc: Louisville wins 86-70

Wake won't have any slack to play around with in this one, so any mistakes are going to be costly. Unfortunately, I just don't think the guys will be able to avoid errors on the road in what may be the first truly hostile environment they face. Louisville has won by 20 or more in every game except for close losses at Michigan State and Kentucky, and while Wake will be a step up from their other competition, I don't see this one staying particularly close.

Ned: Louisville wins 79-74

The Deacs start slow and UL gets out to a double-digit lead early. Hudson and CMM's aggressiveness allow for WF to slowly chip away at UL's lead in the 2nd half, but the Cards never relinquish it. Wake drops the ACC opener for the 2nd year in a row.

Riley: Wake Forest wins 81-78

The Deacs ride a hot first half start to the best overall game they have played all year. Codi finally breaks out offensively and posts close to a double-double.

Rob: Louisville wins 75-65

While Louisville has not played the most challenging schedule in the country, they have absolutely dominated inferior competition. The Trey Lewis injury is a big deal, but Damion Lee is one of the best guards in the country. Devin Thomas had excellent performance last season against Louisville, and he's going to need another one for Wake Forest to hang in this one.

Samurai: Louisville wins 84-75

I want to believe this thing will be close in general, but I see the Cards pulling away in the end. Maybe the Deacs will shock me, but I think we'll need to wait a little longer to see our first ACC road win this year. I think Bryant Crawford is due to get a points/assist double-double at some point this season, and I'm just going to guess that it might be this game.

Ken Pom: Louisville wins 83-66

Vegas: Louisville wins 81-67