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Wake Forest Football Recruiting: Discussing the 2016 Class

Talking Wake Forest football recruiting with Mark Rogers.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to believe it, but National Signing Day is just five days away. This Wednesday, recruits from all across the country will sign their names on the dotted line and make their verbal commitments official. With that in mind, I was fortunate enough to chat with Mark Rogers about Wake Forest's 2016 recruiting class.

I talked with Mark about Wake Forest's overall recruiting ranking, and where that class ranks in Wake Forest history. I also discussed the more prominent players in this class, areas we recruited well, some potential areas of concern, and any players we were still actively recruiting. I mentioned one player we are still recruiting, but there can always be a few surprises that come out of nowhere on National Signing Day.

Please note that I made a slight error. I mentioned that Wake had not received a verbal commitment from a player since early November. I hadn't had my coffee yet and forgot that DeAndre' Delaney and Thomas Cole have committed since then. Still, my general point about the class being mostly wrapped up long ago remains.

Many thanks to Mark for having me on. He does a tremendous job discussing teams from all around the country. You can follow him on Twitter @MarkRogersTV.