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Wake Forest vs. Miami: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

Who does the staff like in this contest?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Miami wins 73-68

This game could be closer than expected. The Hurricanes are shooting just 25% from the 3-point line in conference play, which is somehow lower than the Deacs, even though Wake has gone just 4-38 over the past two games. If the Deacs can force Miami to shoot outside shots instead of giving up easy layups, they could potentially steal this game.

Jake: Miami wins 77-70

Jake isn't a man of many words, but that makes him unbelievably efficient.

Rob: Miami wins 82-71

Miami's length and versatility are problematic. I worry that their ball movement will eventually cause Wake's defense to be caught out of position, and will give up open looks as a result. I'd like to see Wake slow it down more and make a more concentrated effort to get the ball inside to Devin Thomas. I also think that Wake will have to snap out of this horrific streak of three-point shooting. Most of the shots are good looks by good shooters. They have to start falling. I think Wake keeps it close, but Miami ultimately pulls away late.

Samurai: Miami wins 85-70

I'm honestly anticipating a similar game to UNC. My most important thing, assuming we don't upset them of course, is watching the lineups. I hope to see lots of time for Collins and Moore.

Vegas: Miami is favored by 13 points (opened at 16). Over/Under is 151.5 points (opened at 153)

Ken Pom: Miami 85-68 (93% win probability)

We'll find out how the predictions turn out at noon when the Deacs tip off against the Hurricanes.