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Wake Forest vs. North Carolina: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

Who does the staff like in tonight's game?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: North Carolina wins 93-68

This one could be really ugly. The Deacs have not shown any ability to play defense in the last month, and the Tar Heels are 3rd in the nation in points per game at 86.4, which shooting almost 50% from the field. This team dropped 50 points in the paint against the Deacs last year in the Joel, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen again.

Bart: North Carolina wins 92-74

Wake can't play any defense against bad offenses much less pretty good ones. Wake may come out with a little fire but will find itself in foul trouble in the Nose Dome per usual. Quite frankly, Wake just isn't a very good team. UNC rolls easily.

Marc: Wake Forest wins 78-77

DM surreptitiously replaces the tape in the film room with a repeating loop of Space Jam, and the gamble pays off. An entire nation laughs, cries, and cheers together as the underdog Deacs take down the #1 team (in BPI, which everyone acknowledges is the best metric). After a dominating performance, commentators and sports pundits around the world hail Devin Thomas as "the next Ben Simmons." The NCAA cancels the rest of UNC's season and issues a statement calling the school a "truly classless institution."

Ned: North Carolina wins 84-68

Wake's defense proves once again it is hopeless at stopping penetration and UNC has their way scoring easy buckets. Kennedy Meeks seemingly being back to full strength now won't help the Deacs' cause either.

Riley: North Carolina wins 103-78

The final score pretty much tells all you need to know about this one.

Rob: North Carolina wins 100-72

I just don't see any way that Wake is going to stop Carolina's penetration and deal with their length. I anticipate a lot of turnovers and a lot of easy buckets for the Heels.

Samurai: North Carolina wins 85-63

UNC. On the road. After Saturday's shellacking. Yikes. Not really sure what else to say here to be honest.

Ken Pomeroy: North Carolina wins 97-75 (95% win probability)

Vegas: North Carolina is favored by 18 points. Over/under is 166 points.

You can catch all of the action at 7 p.m. on ESPN2.