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Wake Forest vs. Syracuse: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

Who will win this important matchup in ACC play?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Wake Forest wins 78-65

Wake has struggled against the 2-3 zone on the past, but we saw a lot of improvement against VT. The Deacs will need a lot scoring from the guards as it may be difficult for Devin to score inside against the zone. I think Dinos will have another big game shooting from the outside, and Devin will probably score several points catching the ball at the high post and driving rather than posting up on the block.

Bart: Wake Forest wins 74-63

Great matchup for Wake if we can get the ball inside and have a couple good zone busting plays. They have no depth, are really bad at defensive rebounding, and don't defend the two particularly well. Devin should feast.

Chris: Syracuse wins 76-71

Wake hasn't looked good against the zone yet this season and if our shooters aren't on, it'll be tough to try and feed the paint on offense. Our defensive woes are well-documented at this point, and while this Syracuse squad doesn't scare me very much offensively, if Wake can't score, we're a bad team. Don't like this game.

Jake: Wake Forest wins 82-77

The Deacs take advantage of Syracuse's lack of depth and Devin Thomas and Dinos are effective against the zone. Their 3 point shooting is a concern, but Wake slows down Cooney and silent G just enough to win another close one at home.

Samurai: Wake Forest wins 85-75

Cuse continues to struggle overall, and Mitch, Dinos and Bryant continue hot shooting from outside and Devin continues to be a good inside zone buster with effective kickouts to open shooters.

Vegas: Wake Forest opened up as a 2 point favorite, and it moved up to 3 as of the time of publishing. Over/Under is 141.5.

Ken Pom: Wake Forest wins 72-70 (56% win probability)