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Wake Forest vs. North Carolina State: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

Who does the staff like in tonight's game?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Wake Forest wins 75-64

The Deacs finally end the losing streak and have another big game from Devin Thomas. The Pack will start to double him inside, which will allow Wake to get wide open 3s, and allows Dinos to score in double-figures.

Bart: Wake Forest wins 77-74

Devin Thomas bounces back from a less-than-ideal ending in the Duke game and takes care of business early and often inside against State. Cat Barber will be a challenge for the Deacs to shut down, but look for Codi and Rondale to both put in some time on him on the defensive end. Barber gets 20+ but Wake still holds on late with solid free throw shooting to get their first conference win of the year.

Chris: Wake Forest wins 80-76

Wake ends the skid. State has looked more than capable in several games this year but Wake is the better team, and better coached. Bryant Crawford gets back on track and the guards start to show they can be as important as the forwards. Wake needs to defend the three and play fast today.

Ned: Wake Forest wins 78-74

The Deacs start strong as per usual, but come out sloppy in the 2nd half and allow the Pack back into the game. However, CMM and Devin hit clutch shots late and WF holds on to their first win of the ACC season.

Rob: Wake Forest wins 82-75

Wake Forest has the depth advantage in this one, and I believe they will wear out the Wolfpack as the game progresses. Dinos Mitoglou has had some difficult defensive matchups over the previous contests, but State's rotation should allow Dinos to defend a more traditional post player. I expect Devin to attack often, and have another strong outing.

Samurai: Wake Forest wins 80-74

Bryant Crawford recovers from his rough game, Devin keeps his cool, CMM and, in a surprise to many, Rondale Watson do a good job defensively. Deacs lead by double digits multiple times, but starve off one last run from the Pack at home.