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Wake Forest vs. Syracuse: Staff Predictions and Poll

How optimistic is the Blogger So Dear staff feeling this week?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Wake Forest football team is fresh off of a 41-3 thrashing of the Elon Phoenix. This week, the Deacons will have their first #BusinessTrip (cue: @PFTCommenter) of the season this week. The Deacs will travel to New York to take on Syracuse, who is coming off of a 47-0 beat down of Rhode Island.

Can the Deacs get their first ACC road win of the Dave Clawson Era and move to 2-0 on the season? We make our predictions below. If you want to see what Syracuse fans think will happen, then you are welcome to check out what our friends at Nunes Magician have predicted. Spoiler alert: they're confident. We'll get to see the game play out tomorrow at 12:30 eastern.

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Adam: Wake Forest wins 17-14

Bart: Syracuse wins 24-21

Chris: Wake Forest wins 21-18

Griff: Wake Forest wins 19-17

Jake: Syracuse wins 17-13

Matt: Syracuse wins 24-17

Ned: Wake Forest wins 21-20

Riley: Wake Forest wins 20-17.

Rob: Syracuse wins 21-17

Vegas: Syracuse wins 22-18

We've made our picks. Now, tell us who you are picking.