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Website Thinks Dave Clawson is on the Hot Seat - Is Very Wrong

Not even close.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As the college football season draws unbelievably close, publications are finishing their preseason previews. Among those columns are ones about what certain coaches need to do in order to keep their jobs. I can't believe I have to write this blog post, but I had to after I saw one column include Wake Forest head coach Dave Clawson in a category called "starting to warm up."

I'll reluctantly link to it here.

It will be Dave Clawson’s second year at perennial ACC doormat Wake Forest. I’m a proponent of giving coaches at least three years before you up and give them the axe, but I suspect Clawson might be making an early exit.

Dave Clawson may have gone 3-9 last year, and he may do the same or worse again this year, but he's nowhere near the hot seat. Let's take a look at what he has accomplished since arriving at Wake Forest in December of 2013.

Clawson started off his Wake Forest tenure by saving the 2014 recruiting class, and establishing the foundation for what will be a good football program moving forward. He then helped raise the money to begin construction on an indoor practice facility that should be completed very soon.  Wake Forest has also gotten new uniforms, refurbished the locker room, and the players have had some of their best academic semesters in years.

Oh, Clawson also signed the best football recruiting class in school history.

Yes, the team is probably going to be bad again this year. I don't care. Clawson is a proven winner, and it's clear that the system he is putting in place is going to make Wake Forest successful in the long-term. I truly believe that Clawson could go 0-12 or 1-11 this season, and assuming he didn't do anything egregious off the field, he would have fine job security.

He's at a school that has historically been very bad at football, and he inherited a team that lacked talent and playmakers. He is rectifying that situation, and anyone paying attention knows that Dave Clawson is doing a damn good job at Wake Forest.  Clawson should have the full support of the school and the fan base.