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Wake Forest Football Player Profile: Offensive Tackle Justin Herron

Learn about the redshirt freshman.

Dean Shore

Wake Forest head football coach Dave Clawson has said that he believes right tackle Justin Herron could one day be an All-ACC player. I believe him. Herron, a 6'5" 290 pound tackle out of Maryland, originally committed to Rutgers, but fortunately flipped his commitment to Wake Forest. Wake's defensive line coach Dave Cohen, who initially recruited Herron to Rutgers, was the primary recruiter for Herron once Cohen joined Wake's staff. Behind John Wolford, Herron was arguably the most important commit in the 2014 recruiting class. That's high praise considering how much I think of Wake's top players from that class. Herron represents hope, and will be one of the main reasons Wake Forest's offensive line will be a very good unit moving forward.

Despite being only a redshirt freshman, I expect Justin Herron to start at right tackle this season, and for the three years after that. He is probably slightly undersized this season, but will only get stronger as his career progresses. He will also make up for that lack of weight with his mobility and ability to pull. He is a former basketball player, and utilizes that athleticism when he run blocks. He also has very sound technique, which is remarkable considering he did not begin playing on the offensive line until he was a junior in high school.

Perhaps the biggest compliment I can give to Herron, is that his highlight tape is very entertaining to watch. His technique is sound, and he is excellent at creating running lanes for the backs. Check out his Hudl video and see what to expect out of the redshirt freshman in 2015.

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