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Wake Forest Football Positional Preview: Offensive Line

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An early look at the projected depth chart for this year's offensive line.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest, by any objective measure, had the worst offensive line in college football last season. This was shown in advanced statistics, rushing yards and the amount of times quarterback John Wolford was sacked. It was also evident based on "eye-test." This year's line is expected to have a number of new starters. What does the depth chart look like headed into Fall practice?

Projected Starters

I anticipate that Wake Forest's starting offensive line will feature three redshirt freshmen. It is expected that Phil Haynes will start at left tackle, Ryan Anderson will start at center, and Justin Herron will start at right tackle. What the tackles make up for in experience, they will make up for with athleticism. There will be times when there are mental mistakes, but they are the building blocks of a legitimate ACC offensive line. At the guard positions, I expect that we will see Josh Harris and Dylan Intemann, both of whom started last season.

Rotational Players

This category of players are players I see competing for playing time, but may not necessarily start. A'Lique Terry, who started a number of games last season, should see some time either at center or guard. Will Smith should see some time at either tackle position, while redshirt freshman Patrick Osterhage and redshirt junior Ty Hayworth should both see time at guard.


I do not anticipate that scholarship players Joel Suggs, Nick Luedeke, Cameron Gardner, and Taylor Chambers will play many snaps this season.

Redshirt Candidates

I believe that all three freshmen - Nathan Gilliam, T.J. Haney, and Jake Benzinger will redshirt.


In general, I expect the offensive line will be improved from last season, though the loss of Cory Helms to South Carolina is a major one. Still, with increased athleticism and strength at the tackle positions, I believe quarterback John Wolford should have more time to throw, and Wake's rushing attack will improve. What this lineup will set up, however, is a young, but still experienced offensive line in 2016, when the pieces should finally be in place to make a bowl game.

What do you all expect to see from the line this season?