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Deacs picked last in Atlantic Division ACC Kickoff

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Deacs have a long way to go according to the media this season in football.

The media doesn't have much respect for Wake Forest this year. First there was vulgarity under their schedule in the official ACC media guide, then Coach Clawson gets 15 minutes less than every other coach in the conference for the official news conference (see tweet below), and finally they were picked with the fewest number of votes in the ACC by the ACC media panel.

Clemson appears to be the favorite in the ACC this year, leading the way in ACC Championship votes, and also having the Preseason Player of the year in QB DeShaun Watson.

The Deacs recorded 217 votes, three behind Virginia in the Coastal, and 74 behind Syracuse's 291 for 5th in the Atlantic.

In a final slap in the face, and perhaps the most egregious of them all, Alex Kinal received no votes for ACC Player of The Year. In better news, @KinalKount has led the way to a "cult following" for Kinal according to Scott Hamilton of the Winston-Salem Journal.

ACC Picks

ACC Championship Votes

1. Clemson - 84
2. Florida State - 41
3. Georgia Tech - 20
4. Virginia Tech - 7
5. North Carolina - 3
6. Miami - 2
7. NC State - 1

ACC Player of the Year
1. Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson - 69
2. James Conner, RB, Pitt - 46
3. Justin Thomas, QB, Georgia Tech - 13
t-4. Jalen Ramsey, CB Florida State - 7
t-4. Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami -7
t-6. Marquise Williams, QB, North Carolina - 6
t-6. Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech - 6
8. Tyler Boyd, WR, Pitt - 3
9. Jacoby Brissett, QB, NC State - 1