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Player Profile: QB Kendall Hinton

The BSD player profile barrage continues with a profile of highly touted quarterback prospect Kendall Hinton.

Student Sports

Kendall Hinton is, in my estimation, the very definition of an intriguing wrinkle in the quarterback situation.  I believe that our boy John Wolford will be the starter, but Kendall Hinton is definitely an intriguing prospect.  An early enrollee, Hinton played high school football in Durham, and in his final two years, he racked up 6970 passing yards, (399/634), an approximately 63% completion rate, 64 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions, five of which were in his junior year.  Those are some nice numbers, to be sure, but the really intriguing aspect, in my estimation, was his running ability.  Hinton also had 2116 yards on 187 carries, for an 11.3 YPC average, a long of 67 yards, and 27 touchdowns.

Hinton is a bit smaller than Wolford at 6 feet even and about 185 pounds, but he was a more touted prospect and his raw athleticism is undeniable.  Wolford, in his high school career, had more raw rushing yards (2776) and touchdowns (36) but he did it in four years as opposed to Hinton's two.  So it would appear, if nothing else, that Hinton is a bit more of a dual threat than the Wolf, which could always come in handy.  The other interesting thing is that Hinton ran a 4.6 40, which is better than some of the running backs on the team, including exciting prospect Rocky Reid.  Raw athleticism doesn't always translate to success, but it certainly never hurts, and it adds a dimension to Hinton's game that could prove useful if he's called into duty and offensive line problems continue to persist.

Hinton certainly won't be a starter, and I'd honestly be surprised if he sees much action (to the point that I'd almost consider redshirting him), but he's an exciting prospect on a variety of levels, and at least by Wake Forest standards, I get the sense that there's a bit of an embarrassment of riches at the quarterback position this upcoming season.

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