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Wake Forest Football's Over/Under Season Win Total is Released

How many games do the odds makers expect Wake Forest to win this season?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The college football season win totals were released by 5 Dimes earlier today. It's important to note that these win totals only reflect regular season games, and conference championship, bowl, or playoff games will not be included.

ACC Over/Under
Boston College 5.5
Clemson 8.5
Duke 7
Florida State 9.5
Georgia Tech 7.5
Louisville 7.5
Miami 5.5
North Carolina 8
North Carolina State 7.5
Pittsburgh 6
Syracuse 4.5
Virginia 4.5
Virginia Tech 8
Wake Forest 3.5

Does 3.5 seem too high, too low, or just right to you all? Wake's 2015 schedule is quite difficult, as made evident by the over/under's of Wake's opponents, and the team is also quite young. The over/under outcome will probably be known by the conclusion of the Indiana game.

I'll go ahead and assume that Wake Forest will win its home opener against Elon. If Wake doesn't win, then it's going to be a VERY LONG season and there will be no way that Wake hits the over. For the sake of our sanity and optimism, let's go ahead and say that Wake will have one win after the Elon game. That next three game stretch can make and/or break Wake's schedule. Those are three most winnable games remaining on Wake's 2015 schedule. Wake could start 4-0. I can also envision Wake starting 1-3, and the season would go downhill very quickly from that point.

Wake's ACC schedule is so difficult because some of the worst opponents it will face are road games, and they face a number of opponents coming off bye weeks. Wake's three most likely ACC wins, in my opinion, are at Syracuse, home versus Duke, and at Boston College #therivalry.

This is a young and talented football team, but it lacks experience. The easier games are also at the front, which means the youth and inexperience will be more prevalent at that point in the season. Don't be surprised to see Wake beat Duke at the end of the season. Still, I think this team ends up going 3-9 again. 2016 is going to be the year when I begin judging Coach Clawson's win-loss record. Until then, it's all about the process, improvement, and recruiting.

My way too early prediction for the 3.5 win total: under.

2015 Schedule Over/Under
at Syracuse 4.5
at Army 3.5
at Boston College 5.5
at North Carolina 8
at Notre Dame 9
at Clemson 8.5

Will the Deacs be over or under 3.5 wins?