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NFL Draft Experts Grade the Houston Texans Drafting Kevin Johnson

What did the draft gurus think of the Houston Texans taking Kevin Johnson with the 16th overall pick?

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Because draft grades are always 100% accurate, we look at what the draft pundits are saying about the Houston Texans selecting Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson with the 16th overall pick. Overall, the grades seem very positive for someone taken in the middle of the first round.

SB Nation - B+

It's hard to find too many faults in Johnson's game, which is saying something about a cornerback. He's a solid man cover corner, does well in zone and gives the Texans a player to pair with Kareem Jackson for years. Having two shutdown corners on the roster will allow defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel to do some unique things up front. Johnson's issue is his size. He'll need to bulk up in the NFL. - B

Johnson might be the most well-rounded cornerback prospect in the draft and certainly will boost a defense that has to contend with several potent offensive weapons in the division.

CBS Sports -B

This is smooth cover player who will be able to press for time as a starter right away. Jonathan Joseph is in the final year of his contract.

Washington Post - B

CB Kevin Johnson was well worth the 16th choice.

FanSided - B

He was a steady riser in the predraft process and should be a great addition opposite Kareem Jackson and Jonathan Joseph in the Texans secondary. He bulked up to 188 pounds and is over six-feet tall, so the height is there, but there are concerns about his lack of bulk. His run support needs to get better to be a complete corner and make plays in the open field, but Romeo Crennel had a top-10 scoring defense and they got better today.

Bleacher Report - C+ (Take with one with a grain of salt, because they haven't always been the most accurate with grades.)

Kevin Johnson weighed in at 188 pounds at the combine, but it is hard to see where he kept it; he will have a hard time staying about 180 during the full-season rigors. The lean frame is an issue, as is Johnson’s willingness to bite on double moves and tendency to draw flags.

On the plus side, he started for three years, is quick enough to turn in man coverage and can recognize and anticipate pass patterns in zone. At 6'0" and a true 190 pounds, I would love Johnson as a slot-nickel corner. He can still excel in that role, but the Texans will be disappointed if they are looking for a size matchup against Dez Bryant types. Of course, the Texans are more worried about T.Y. Hilton types.