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All-Time Wake Forest Basketball Tournament: Eight Eight Day Two

Two games down and two to go in the Elite Eight. Who will wrap up a position in the Final Four?

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

While both the Odom and Tacy regions have finished up their games (results will be in later this week) the McKinney and Prosser brackets still need to get play under way. In the McKinney region a matchup looms between the only two teams in Wake Forest history to be ranked number one in the nation and in the Prosser bracket a battle between Tim Duncan and Rodney Rogers inside promises to be exciting. Let's take a look at the matchups and what we might expect to see in these two games.

McKinney Region

1. 2004-05 Demon Deacons v. 2. 2008-09 Demon Deacons

At a Glance:

1. 2004-05 Demon Deacons (27-6)


Chris Paul

Justin Gray

Vytas Danelius

Jamaal Levy

Eric Williams

Key Contributors:

Taron Downey

Trent Strickland

AP Rank Entering NCAA Tournament: 5

NCAA Tournament: Second Round

BSD All-Time Tournament Results: Beat 2003-04 Demon Deacons 84-76 (First Round)

2. 2008-09 Demon Deacons (24-7)


Jeff Teague

L.D. Williams

Al-Farouq Aminu

James Johnson

Chas McFarland

Key Contributors:

Ish Smith

David Weaver

Harvey Hale

AP Rank Entering NCAA Tournament: 12

NCAA Tournament: First Round

BSD All-Time Tournament Results: Beat 1960-61 Demon Deacons 85-72 (First Round)

In what promises to be an exciting, athletic, and extremely entertaining game the 2004-05 Deacs take on the 2008-09 Wake team. The battle of the point guards will certainly be one of the key factors of the game as current NBA players Chris Paul and Jeff Teague will go head-to-head. In addition to these two guys, James Johnson, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Ish Smith are still getting some run in the top professional basketball league in the world. While the 2004-05 Demon Deacons will bring a dominant offense to the table, the 2008-09 team will look to use the pack line defense and the athleticism of four future NBA guys to slow down the CP3-led offense. Can the 2004-05 team hold serve and secure a spot in the Final Four or will the rough and tumble 2008-09 team pull the upset and keep their chances at raising the Wake Forest Champion trophy alive?

Prosser Region

1. 1995-96 Demon Deacons v. 3. 1992-93 Demon Deacons

At a Glance:

1. 1995-96 Demon Deacons (26-6)


Tony Rutland

Jerry Braswell

Rusty LaRue

Ricardo Peral

Tim Duncan

Key Contributors:

Sean Allen

Steven Goolsby

AP Rank Entering NCAA Tournament: 9

NCAA Tournament: Elite Eight

BSD All-Time Tournament Results: Beat 1952-53 Demon Deacons 90-48 (First Round)

3. 1992-93 Demon Deacons (21-9)


Randolph Childress

Charlie Harrison

Trelonnie Owens

Derrick Hicks

Rodney Rogers

Key Contributors:

Travis Banks

Marc Blucas

AP Rank Entering NCAA Tournament: 16

NCAA Tournament: Sweet Sixteen

BSD All-Time Tournament Results: Beat 2002-03 Demon Deacons 77-67 (First Round)

The one and only upset of the first round, which saw the 1992-93 Rodney Rogers led team over the 2002-03 Fighting Josh Howards, provides us with an exciting final matchup to wrap up the Elite Eight. With Rogers inside and an impressive Randolph Childress able to pour it in from the perimeter this team has a legitimate opportunity to knock off the overall number two seed in the 1995-96 Demon Deacons and advance to the Final Four. The 1996 team, led by a little-known player even by the most ardent Wake fans in  Tim Duncan (junior version), will likely have some matchup issues outside as Tony Rutland and Jerry Braswell will be tasked with keeping Chill in line. Of course the battle most will look forward to in this one is in the post where Rogers and Duncan will put on an absolute showdown between two of the best bigs in Wake history.

Will the 1995-96 team be able to keep Chill in check while dominating the glass and inside game over Rogers, or will the 1992-93 team be able to sneak one out against Duncan and company?

Following the results of the Elite Eight games, the Final Four will begin at the beginning of next week. Who do you all think should be representing each bracket in the final four teams? Cast your vote to let us know and then share with us in the comments section why you think the teams you voted for deserve their spot. And as always, go Deacs!

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