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Wake Forest Cornerback Kevin Johnson: Who Will Draft Him?

It's finally draft day! Where will Kevin Johnson go?

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After months of anticipation, the NFL Draft is finally here. Wake Forest's very own Kevin Johnson will be in Chicago tonight at 8 p.m., and all indications are that he will hear his name announced tonight by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The draft will take place in Chicago's Auditorium Theatre and will be broadcast live on ESPN as well as the NFL Network. This year, Wake Forest fans have a vested interest, given Kevin Johnson's high draft status. Who will take him? I take a look at some of the final mock drafts to get a better understanding.

Mike Mayock: 14th to the Miami Dolphins

Bleacher Report: 14th to the Miami Dolphins

Pro Football Talk: 15th to the San Francisco 49ers

CBS Sports: 16th to the Houston Texans

Fox Sports: 16th to the Houston Texans

Comcast Sports Net: 20th to the Philadelphia Eagles

Daniel Jeremiah: 22nd to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Charley Casserly: 22nd to the Pittsburgh Steelers

USA Today: 23rd to the Detroit Lionis

Charles Davis: 27th to the Dallas Cowboys (Personally I'd be surprised he lasted this long, as I believe the Ravens will take him if he is available at 26.)

SB Nation: 27th to the Dallas Cowboys

The consensus seems to be mid to late first round, with the Dolphins, Texans, Steelers, and Cowboys being the favorites. All four have issues in the secondary and KJ would clearly address those needs.

Last year's 14th pick was Kyle Fuller, who was a cornerback out of Virginia Tech. His initial salary was a 4 year deal with $9.68M guaranteed and a $5.37M signing bonus. Last year's 27th pick was strong safety Deone Bucannon, who signed a 4-year deal worth $7.71 M guaranteed. I don't see a signing bonus listed, but the last pick in the first round, Teddy Bridgewater, received a $3.3 M signing bonus.

It's a good day to be Kevin Johnson.