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The Official 2015 NFL Draft Drinking Game

The 100% Completely (Un)Official Way to Watch the 2015 NFL Draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Whether its in excitement or trepidation, apprehension or anger, the NFL Draft brings out lots of emotions for all of us.

1. We get to watch hundreds of talented collegiate players fulfill their lifelong dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

2. We get a full scope of our teams' roster and can finally make projections (yawn) for the season starting in September.

3. We no longer have to listen to a bunch of old men debate how a 21-year-old's hand size and hip rotation affect their NFL prospects on national television.

The best way to harness all of our emotions? Alcoholic beverages! How else are we expected to stay tuned in the 9 minutes and 59 seconds between picks? This NFL Draft drinking game will 1) get you to, yup, pay attention to the entire draft coverage 2) get real rowdy for 3 straight days.

1 Drink

Roger Goodell gets booed

They mention that this is the first time the NFL Draft is in Chicago


"Explosive athlete" or "Work-out warrior"


"Character Issues"

"Gym rat" or "Gritty"


Mel Kiper and Todd McShay argue

Adam Schefter is blatantly tweeting/checking his phone on set

Chris Berman makes up an obscene nickname on the spot

2 Drinks

The announcers say something that can be construed as sexual ie: analysis of a players' hand size or hip swing

The commentators debate/question Chip Kelly's approach

The Patriots trade down

The announcers discuss whether Marcus Mariota is a "system quarterback"

They state that a running back has not been taken in the first round in the past two years

Jon Gruden salivates over a "star" quarterback (remember: this is the guy that compared Austin Davis to Drew Brees)

3 Drinks

Any reference to crab legs

Any mention of the following: Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, RG3, Brett Favre

Any Frank Caliendo sighting

When a non-FBS player gets drafted

The announcers say that Kevin Johnson was a "great player on a bad team"

1 Shot


Drink for 256 Seconds

When Mr. Irrelevant is announced if: you have abided by all the rules above for the prior 255 picks. If so 1) you are a complete tank 2) you really need to reassess your life for spending four full days in front of the couch.