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Wake Forest Running Back Tyler Henderson to Retire Due to a Concussion

A Wake Forest football player made a difficult decision today.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest running back Tyler Henderson played last season as a true freshman, but he will not play another down of football, as he has decided to retire from the game of football due to an ongoing concussion. Last month Vanderbilt's presumed starting quarterback retired due to health concerns. 24 year old Chris Borland retired from the NFL after just one season due to health concerns.

We at Blogger So Dear are certainly thinking of Tyler and fully support the decision that Tyler, his loved ones, and his doctors made.

At this time I am unsure if Tyler will remain at Wake Forest University. Under NCAA rules he can remain on scholarship, but it will not go towards the maximum of 85 allowed. Former Wake Forest tight end Zach Gordon, who is currently a student-coach on the team, is another example of this rule.

UPDATE: I have been informed that Tyler will remain at Wake and will help coach the running backs.