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Roll The Quadcast - Wake Forest Football Spring Practice Discussion with Deacons Illustrated

Your favorite podcast is back.

Les Johns, publisher at Deacons Illustrated and I, recorded a podcast on Monday night where we broke down each position on the Wake Forest football team, and our impressions of spring practice and the spring game.

Notable topics include:

  • Is this the most talented roster of quarterbacks Wake Forest has assembled?
  • Will a true freshman start at running back?
  • Freshmen playmakers at wide receiver
  • Offensive line moving forward
  • Cornerback play
  • Special teams
  • Preliminary thoughts on next season
We also talked about our Danny Manning interviews and our impressions of the coach.

A special thanks to Les for joining me on this podcast. He does do an excellent job at Deacons Illustrated and I would strongly encourage all of you to check out and enjoy his site. It does cost money each month, but I find the money to be well worth the product I am receiving.

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