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All-Time Wake Forest Basketball Tournament: Elite 8 Day Two Results

Who else will be joining the 1962 and 1977 teams in the Final Four?

Joe Robbins-USA TODAY Sports

#1 2004-2005 vs. #2 2008-2009

2005 wins: 87-81

The 2005 team knocked off the 2009 team 87-81 in a game that featured some of the best collection of athleticism that the Wake Forest basketball program has ever witnessed. Justin Gray led all scorers with 22 points, while sophomore Chris Paul scored 21 points and handed out 5 assists. He was hot from beyond the arc and drained 4 of 5 from deep.

The 2009 team put up a valiant effort and had five players score in double-figures, but that simply wasn't enough. Jeff Teague scored 16 points, but had 6 turnovers. James Johnson scored 12 points and hauled in 7 rebounds. Surprisingly with the insane amount of length on this team, the 2009 Demon Deacons were only able to block 2 shots, but they did have 11 steals.

The 2005 team won the battles of rebounding and outside shooting. The '05 squad outrebounded the 2009 team 34-25, while they also made three more three-pointers on four fewer shots.

*Both games were simulated by Game Sim on scacc hoops. The results of the simulations correspond with the fan votes.

#1 1995-1996 vs. #3 1992-1993

1996 wins:

In a slower but more efficient game than the 05-09 game, the 1996 Deacs knocked off the 1993 Demon Deacons 79-73, thus ending the Cinderella run of the #3 seed 1993 team.  Randolph Childress and Rodney Rogers combined for 38 points, but they could not contain 1996's Tim Duncan. Duncan was dominant in this contest and finished with 25 points and 12 rebounds. The 1996 squad was also helped by the hot shooting of Tony Rutland and Rusty LaRue. The duo combined for 33 points.

The 2005 team vs. the 1996 team should be an excellent semi-final matchup.