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Wake Forest Announces Future Non-Conference Football Opponents

Wake Forest athletic director Ron Wellman released Wake Forest's known future non-conference football opponents this afternoon.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The dreaded stretch of only having six home football games is nearly over. Wake Forest announced this afternoon Wake Forest's known non-conference football opponents (yes, even North Carolina) through 2026. If you want a list of future conference opponents through 2024, feel free to CLICK HERE.

Beginning in 2016, then continuing from 2018 through 2020, Wake Forest will host seven home games during each of those seasons. This is great for recruiting, as it gives recruits more opportunities to make unofficial and official visits to campus. It reduces the travel expenses for the football team, increases ticket/concessions/parking revenue, and also gives Wake fans one additional opportunity to tailgate and see their favorite team play. But most importantly, it improves Wake Forest's chances of winning games, which improves Wake's chances of making it to a bowl game.

I'm a fan of a number of the series we have listed below. The Rice series will give us an opportunity to travel to Texas against a beatable opponent, which will be good for recruiting. A similar thing can be said for our series against Tulane, though Louisiana is not as fertile of a recruiting ground.  I also like us bringing back the Vanderbilt series, but that is not until 2022. I was not a fan of the Utah State series, but moving forward it is just two home games for us.

I believe the schedules set up nicely for us to go 3-1 in the non-conference during most seasons, which will put us in excellent contention to perennially become bowl eligible. What are your thoughts on our non-conference opponents and home slates?

*Home games are in bold.

Editor's Update: The 2016 dates are as follows:

Tulane: Thursday, September 1st

Delaware: Saturday, September 17th

at Indiana: Saturday, September 24th

Army: Saturday, October 29th

Year 1 2 3 4
2016 Tulane Delaware Army Indiana
2017 Presbyterian Utah State Appalachian State Notre Dame
2018 Liberty Rice Notre Dame Tulane
2019 Utah State UNC Elon Rice
2020 Tulane Appalachian State Notre Dame Old Dominion
2021 Old Dominion Northern Illinois UNC Army
2022 Air Force Army Vanderbilt OPEN
2023 Vanderbilt Notre Dame OPEN OPEN
2024 Ole Miss Army OPEN OPEN
2025 Army Ole Miss OPEN OPEN
2026 Purdue Army OPEN OPEN
2027 Purdue OPEN OPEN OPEN