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All-Time Wake Forest NCAA Basketball Tournament

Which year boasted the best Wake Forest team in basketball program history? No way to find out quite like a single-elimination bracket!

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Amidst all the fun that other schools are having while the current iteration of their basketball team is still playing this season, Blogger So Dear decided that in order to retain our sanity we needed some sort of event to tide us over. After initially rejecting ideas like a cornhole championship in Jake’s backyard and an official Blogger So Dear dog competition for all our readers’ friendly companions, we settled in on something a little more practical.

Over the next couple of weeks Blogger So Dear will be hosting the All-Time Wake Forest NCAA Basketball Tournament. Now you’re probably wondering what in the world that means while simultaneously questioning how or why a school with such a pitiful postseason history would even consider entertaining a two-week homage to the program’s most lethal time of the season. That’s certainly a valid concern, but the goal of this event isn’t to lament past failures or wonder what could have been if the Deacs made one more stop in the postseason during those Duncan years - but is instead to focus on and celebrate the top teams in Wake Forest basketball history.

Here’s how it is going to work. Beginning tomorrow at 9 a.m., when Blogger So Dear unveils the official 16-team tournament bracket featuring the top 16 teams in Wake history (according to an informal polling and seeding process of a handful of BSD writers), there will be a matchup or two a day during the week where the readers get to cast votes on who they believe would win a game between the two teams.

Obviously this is where it gets interesting since voters will likely have distinctively different memories about specific teams (or for those younger readers – and everyone in the case of some of the older teams in the tournament – different interpretations when reading about how good a former team was). What types of chances would Billy Packer have when matched up with Chris Paul? How good would Josh Howard be taking it down the lane with Tim Duncan posted up inside ready to swat his shot? Could Rodney Rogers drop the hammer on any and every player in Wake history? Spoiler: the answer to the last question is yes. These are the types of questions the readers will get to answer until we’ve crowned a champion.

After the votes are tallied then a winner will be announced and will advance to the next round. There will likely be a recap after each game where the highlights and impressive stats from the previous day’s matchup are discussed and we can all banter about how far that 1977 team can advance in the tourney.

Who do you all expect to see when the bracket is released tomorrow and which teams, although good over the course of a single season, do not deserve a spot in the vaunted 16 team bracket? Check back tomorrow when the teams are announced to see who got in and who got snubbed. If there are any questions or concerns about the process, drop us a line in the comments below and as always go Deacs!