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NCAA Tournament 2015: Open Thread, Game Times & TV Channels

Let's basketball.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament is officially underway! I suppose I could have said this during the First Four, but I'm not going to stoop to the level of calling those tournament games and saying that Robert Morris won an NCAA Tournament game. Now that I've stepped down from my soap box, let's talk about some hoops.

The action starts today when our own Bart Johnston's Northeastern Huskies take on ACC champion Notre Dame. Northeastern is a very good offensive team, so if you like offense, that's going to be a fun one to watch. Also during the early period are Iowa State, Baylor, and Arizona.

One of the better games of the day will tip off at 2:45 when Texas plays Butler. Texas is a lower seed, but is favored in the game. Five of the next six games have point spreads of 4 points or fewer, so there is a lot of potential for "March" moments. Tonight at 9:20 I think the LSU-NC State game could be very exciting. Both teams have excellent athletes, and who doesn't want to battle to see who can then lose to Kentucky by 15?

The full schedule is below. Any upset picks today? Let us hear about them!

Thurs, March 19, 2015 Time (ET) TV
(14) Northeastern vs. (3) Notre Dame 12:15PM CBS
(14) UAB vs. (3) Iowa State 12:40 PM truTV
(14) Georgia St vs. (3) Baylor 1:40 PM TBS
(15) Texas Southern vs. (2) Arizona 2:10 PM TNT
(11) Texas vs. (6) Butler 2:45 PM CBS
(11) UCLA vs. (6) SMU 3:10 PM truTV
(11) Ole Miss vs. (6) Xavier 4:10 PM TBS
(10) Ohio State vs. (7) Virginia Commonwealth 4:40 PM TNT
(16) Lafayette vs. (1)Villanova 6:50 PM TBS
(9) Purdue vs. (8) Cincinnati 7:10 PM CBS
(13) Harvard vs. (4) North Carolina 7:20 PM TNT
(12) Stephen F. Austin vs. (5) Utah 7:27 PM truTV
(9) LSU vs. (8) NC State 9:20 PM TBS
(16) Hampton vs. (1) Kentucky 9:40 PM CBS
(12) Wofford vs. (5) Arkansas 9:50 PM TNT
(13) Eastern Washington vs. (4) Georgetown 9:57 PM truTV