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Wake Forest Basketball Transfer Possibilities: Mike Thorne Jr.

A suggestion as to who Wake Forest could go after now that Aaron Rountree was granted his release from the program.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Wake Forest announced that junior forward Aaron Rountree will be graduating in August and then transferring schools. This changes the roster composition of the team moving forward in that it gives Wake Forest basketball head coach Danny Manning a scholarship to use at his disposal. There are numerous possibilities for this scholarship. Wake could add one more player to the 2015 recruiting class, or they could instead opt to add a graduate transfer. One such player the Deacs could target is Charlotte's Mike Throne Jr., who was granted his release from Charlotte within the past week and will be eligible to play immediately. He played high school basketball at Trinity Christian in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

For those unfamiliar with Thorne's game, as I was until former managing editor Martin Rickman brought him to my attention, he's a very good post player. He stands at 6'11", 270 pounds and averaged 10.1 points and 7.3 rebounds in 26 minutes per game last season. His advanced stats are also very good. He shot 54% from the field, had an offensive rating of 107.8 with a 20.9% usage rate, was nationally ranked in both offensive & defensive rebounding percentage, had a low turnover rate, and a high block rate (about 1 per game). The downside? He only shot 54% from the charity stripe.

Does Wake have other needs besides post players? Yes, we could certainly use more shooters among other things, but  you can never have too many talented bigs. See: Kentucky. Thorne is a shot blocker,who could help out Wake's woeful FG% defense. He's a local kid and is a one year lottery ticket. If he doesn't work out, then his eligibility is over and there is another scholarship available for next season. Darius Leonard won Wake a few games this season, as did Coron Williams last season. Of course, a player of this caliber promises to have many suitors.

I have no inside information if Wake is even pursuing Thorne, but I do think the addition would make a lot of sense for both parties. Which big man wouldn't want to be coached by Danny Manning?

Any other realistic possibilities you all think the Deacs could look into? Continue to follow Blogger So Dear as we determine more candidates.