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Vote For Blogger So Dear in the #NCTwitterbracket2015

Who says Wake Forest didn't make a tournament this March? For every round we win, we will donate $25 to charity.

Mary Turner/Getty Images

Wake Forest did not make the NCAA Tournament, the N.I.T., the C.B.I., or the C.I.T. That's the bad news. The good news is that our readers can have a positive impact on something that Wake Forest did get into - the #NCTwitterbracket. Our very own Wake Jake, a.k.a. @BloggerSoDear is a 13 seed. In my humble opinion the selection committee didn't value our Q&A's with non-conference blogs highly enough, but I digress. Still, we all start the tournament undefeated and are going against radio host Erica DeLong, who is a 4 seed. I haven't seen official numbers, but I think her ratings are slightly higher than Roll The Quadcast's. She has less than 20% of Jake's tweets, but her tempo-free stats are very impressive as is her follower base.

Because of the difficult competition, we need our loyal readers to vote as many times as the rules allow. Truth be told the rules weren't very clear, so my advice is to vote until the site says you can vote no more. Once that happens, find another computer/tablet/smart phone and vote again. Tell your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, Facebook friends & Twitter followers to vote for Wake Forest's finest & the fastest retweet in the South - @BloggerSoDear. Voting is from 10 a.m. through midnight (all times eastern). If @BloggerSoDear is fortunate enough to win, let's roll it out again on Wednesday and try again.

The contest raises money for the Me Fine Foundation, which aims to provide hope critically ill children in Children's Hospitals in North Carolina through financial support, emotional assistance, and other measures. For every round @BloggerSoDear wins, we will donate $25 to that foundation. If you'd like to donate to the foundation, you can do so here.

VOTE HERE (704 region)


Tuesdays are the toughest days academically and Wake didn't exactly have the best performance during our last Tuesday tournament game. Let's end that trend and rally behind @BloggerSoDear. A vote for Jake is a vote for the Deacs! His platform is Bojangles and basketball. It simply doesn't get any more North Carolina than that!