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General ACC Tournament Discussion

Even though Wake's season is over, 12 ACC teams are still battling for the title of 2015 ACC Champion. Come chat about the games with BSD as the week unfolds.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday at the ACC Tournament featured only two games (thanks for that Syracuse) but each of the games was a battle throughout, resulting in one-point wins by both Boston College and Virginia Tech. Those two teams will return to action today and join six other teams all of which are playing for an opportunity to reach Thursday's quarterfinals.


Noon - Clemson v. Florida State (winner plays UVA)

2:30 - Boston College v. North Carolina (winner plays Louisville)

7:00 - Pittsburgh v. N.C. State (winner plays Duke)

9:30 - Miami v. Virginia Tech (winner plays Notre Dame)

While this isn't the greatest slate, there should be a handful of good games including the first game between Clemson and FSU and the 7:00 game between Pitt and State. Of these eight teams only State and UNC are comfortably in the NCAAT and State fans may be sweating a little bit if they lose convincingly to Pitt today. Miami needs to win a couple of games to have a shot at the tournament and then everyone else seems to be win the whole tournament or your season is over.