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Ramifications of Watching Wake Forest's Women's Basketball Team Tonight on ESPN3

Go Deacs!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Wake Forest women's basketball team will host Duke tonight at 7 p.m. and the reason you should watch game on ESPN3 extends far being supporting the Deacs for two hours. Below is an email below that was sent from a Wake Forest employee to the entire Wake Forest athletic department staff. I do not work for the athletic department, but received this email from someone who does.


The production of tonight's game will be done entirely by the Wake Forest media/athletic department. This is an accomplishment they are and should be proud of. For whatever reason, however, Wake has not publicized that information on its website, nor discussed how much of an influence Wake Forest fans can have tonight. This is where Blogger So Dear comes in to try and raise awareness.

ESPN, like with all their events, can track how many viewers tonight's game has. If Wake Forest does a good job, then that means more events featuring the school moving forward, and not just women's basketball. Wake Forest's ability to produce their own original content is huge, if that turns into a long-lasting relationship with ESPN/ESPN3. This could mean that in addition to events such as women's basketball, Wake Forest could stream some of Wake's premier Olympic sports such as men's and women's soccer, men's and women's tennis, field hockey, etc. onto ESPN3.

The potential for exposure is massive and also can give Wake Forest a recruiting edge. This can allow Wake Forest to recruit nationally and parents from all over the country can watch their child(ren) play. It also can be nice for Wake Forest fans who do not live in the Winston-Salem area to be able to watch our Olympic teams, which are historically quite good. Spry Stadium has great attendance from local alums/fans/students, but it's unfortunate that fans outside of the Triad are able to watch such strong performing teams. By the way, both the Wake men's and women's soccer teams inked top-10 recruiting classes yesterday. The field hockey team won the ACC Championship this past fall, and the men's tennis team is in the top-20 and features at least two of the best players in the country. This could also give our baseball team a bigger following, and help build that program.

I encourage you to watch the game on ESPN3 and tell all your friends and family members to do the same. The future for many of Wake's programs could be very bright if you do. Go Deacs!