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Wake Forest vs. UVA: GIF Recap

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Sometimes it's just good to burn the game tape and forget that a game ever happened. This is definitely one of those cases. The only analysis I really have for this one is that UVA did pretty much everything well, and the Deacs did pretty much nothing well. I could ramble on about how UVA had more points at halftime than we scored in the whole game, or how they more than doubled the score on us, and then show a ton of gifs of Wake getting scored on, but I think I'll pass. But this is a gif recap after all, so here are a few to sum up this game.

Hey yeah but remember that one play where Aaron Rountree dunked on people?

Besides this play, just forget everything you saw in this one.

Wake Forest is back in action at home on Sunday against Pitt, having not played since February 17th (see what I did there?). Hopefully the team, like all of us, can completely forget what happened in this one and be ready to play in the home finale.