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Wake Forest vs. Virginia Drinking Game

Because you probably won't have to go to school/work tomorrow.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

For those snowed in, preparing for the impending snow doom, or just Wake fans who love to drink (redundant), here’s your game for tonight. I don’t want anyone to die, so I will just make the game for beer drinkers. Adjust your quantities at your leisure/tolerance. (Only drink if you are of legal age and will not be driving later.)

Take a sip if

  • Announcer mentions the packline defense.
  • Announcer uses the phrase "team defense."
  • Announcer mentions pace or tempo.
  • Dinos hits a 3.
  • Devin screams.
  • Crab picks up a foul 25 feet from the basket.

Take a gulp if

  • Announcer mentions Duke.
  • Announcer mentions Jeff Bzdelik.
  • Announcer mentions Randolph Childress’s ACC tournament performance.
  • Codi hits a 3.
  • Wake falls behind double digits.

Finish your beer if

  • Announcer mentions Dave Clawson.
  • Announcer mentions Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscars.
  • It starts really snowing hard.
  • Wake goes up double digits.
  • Neither team breaks 20 in the first half.

Shotgun a beer if

  • Announcer mentions any of the following former Wake basketball stars: Richard Joyce, Rafael Vidaurreta, AW Hamilton, Mike Drum, Dshmal Schoetz.

  • Announcer mentions Dez Bryant.
  • Announcer mentions Syria.
  • Andre Washington hits a 3.
  • We win.