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Wake Forest Football Recruiting - Podcast

Talking about Wake Forest recruiting just a few days before National Signing Day.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day is just two days away. Given that, yesterday I discussed Wake Forest football recruiting with Mark Rogers of Mark Rogers TV. If you're a college football fan, which you clearly are if you are reading this article, then I recommend you check out his interviews with other team experts from around the country.

We discussed how Dave Clawson's recruiting style and philosophy differs from Jim Grobe's. We briefly recapped Wake's 2014 season and what the fans' thoughts are regarding Clawson after his first season.

We then spent the majority of the time discussing who the main hard commits are for 2015 and which positions are areas of need , areas where young players could see very early playing time, and overall impressions of the class and where it ranks. For the record, my favorite players in this class are Rocky Reid, Kendall Hinton, Dionte Austin and Steven Claude.

Check out the interview to learn more about our commits and stay tuned to Blogger So Dear as we will have you covered on all things related to Wake Forest football recruiting and National Signing Day.