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Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions: Wake Forest vs. Arkansas

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Who will win tonight's matchup?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The Wake Forest Demon Deacons host the Arkansas Razorbacks tonight at 7 p.m. Who will win the game? The Blogger So Dear staff offers predictions. Please gives us your thoughts in the poll and comments section below. As always, go Deacs!

Bart: Arkansas wins 76-74. Wake continues their unsteady play in Winston and gets upset in a game they can't afford to lose.

Chris: Wake Forest wins 80-69. In a revenge matchup after last year's drubbing, Wake takes down Arkansas with ease. The shooters get back on track, Dinos and Crab turn in big performances, and the Deacs skate.

GrumpyDeac: Wake Forest wins 86-78. I think we're a bit more talented than Arkansas, and they haven't won a game away from their home court. They did just thrash Northwestern St., but Wake should be a big step up in terms of competition. After the sloppy showing at Rutgers, I'm looking for Danny Manning to get this team to bring some energy in the first home game in over two weeks.

Ned: Wake Forest wins 74-71. The Deacs have some trouble putting Arkansas away, but ultimately free throws and taking care of the ball late push Wake to 6-2.

Riley: Wake Forest wins 82-74. They can't stop Devin Thomas because he is a man. John Collins also records a double double.

Rob: Arkansas wins 72-68. I just have a bad feeling that Wake is going to be sloppy with the ball, and that Arkansas will capitalize with fast break points. I hope I'm wrong.

Samurai: Wake Forest wins 71-66

Vegas: Wake Forest wins 86-80

KenPom: Wake Forest wins 87-80 (72% win probability)