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Know Thy Enemy: Arkansas Basketball Q & A

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Blogger So Dear met with brother SBNation site Arkansas Fight to discuss the Wake-Arkansas game tomorrow night.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Doc Harper at Arkansas Fight was kind enough to spend some time with us to answer a few questions ahead of the Wake Forest-Arkansas game tomorrow night.

Blogger So Dear (BSD): Arkansas currently sits at 3-3 overall, and is ranked 111th according to Ken Pomeroy. How has this team performed so far relative to preseason expectations?

Doc Harper (DH): The record is pretty close to what was expected. With all five of last year's starters gone, we've definitely expected a rebuilding type of year. We have some talented players, but the depth isn't there and we're incredibly thin in the frontcourt. Arkansas just doesn't have a very complete roster right now.

BSD: Arkansas is a solid offensive rebounding team, but is below average at defensive rebounding. What, if anything, do you attribute this to?

DH: Rebounding issues aren't new to Arkansas, It probably will be a bit worse this year just because, again, we don't have any frontcourt depth. Moses Kingsley is our starting center, and may be the team's best overall player, and he's grabbed double-digit boards a few times this year, but it's sporadic at best after him. And another of our bigs, Trey Thompson, has been out with an ankle injury since the first game in Brooklyn, so there's very little room for error. Without Thompson, Arkansas basically has just one legit big on the bench.

In addition to that, our guards are small and we don't really have a small forward. Arkansas has to play a three or four-guard lineup pretty much constantly.

BSD: Arkansas is probably going to be an underdog in this one. Which x-factors on Arkansas' team who could allow them to pull off the upset?

DH: Arkansas basically has four players capable of putting up big scoring numbers. Two strong shooters in Anthlon Bell and Dusty Hannahs, a slasher/scorer in Jimmy Whitt, and Kingsley at center. If those guys play well, Arkansas can be competitive. Kingsley and Bell fouled out of the Stanford game, which helped them make their big comeback beat the Razorbacks. The Hogs have to keep those guys on the floor.

BSD: Finally, let's get a prediction for this one.

DH: I'm not ready to pick Arkansas to win a true road game yet, so I'll say Wake wins but I think Arkansas will keep it competitive.