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BSD Staff Predictions: Wake Forest @ LSU

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The Blogger So Dear crew takes a stab at what the result of tonight's game will be.

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Adam: Wake 68-60

The Tigers may have Ben Simmons, but they're 7-4 playing some weak competition. Wake Forest keeps Simmons in check and comes away with a quality true road win.

Bart: LSU 81-68

LSU has too many weapons and too much talent for a Wake team trying to snag its third true road win of the year. Ben Simmons will be an issue for the Deacs to shut down and with almost no chance that the Deacs go into a zone for more than a possession or two, the Tigers should dominate this one from the outset.

Chris: Wake 70-67

Wake upsets LSU by shutting down the production of Ben Simmons and forcing tough shots inside. In order to pull it off, Wake needs to start hot, stay hot, and defend. I'd like to see a big game from Wilbekin and Mitoglou shooting the ball and Devin on the defensive end and the glass.

Jake: LSU 78-67

The Tigers' record is a bit deceiving as they just got key senior Keith Hornsby back from injury. He can stretch the floor really well, making the job of containing Ben Simmons even tougher.  Hopefully the home crowd will mostly elect to stay at home and watch the LSU football team in their bowl game tonight.

Marc: LSU 82-71

I defaulted to pessimism because I'm actually really on the fence on this one. Wake has shown marked improvement on the road, but LSU has not lost a home game this year and should be the fiercest road environment Wake has faced. LSU is on a recent tear in Baton Rouge, winning their last three by 21, 23, and 28 points. But, the best team of that group was Oral Roberts (KP #181), so maybe LSU has been lulled a little. Wake can definitely win this game, and it would be a great boost to pull that off. But, I've been conditioned against predicting wins on the road.

Matt: Wake 70-64

I'm sticking with optimism on this one.  As scary good as Simmons is, LSU's record is what it is, and I think the Deacs can pull it out.  I'm looking for Dinos to redeem himself nicely after a rough outing against Xavier.

Ned: LSU 81-69

After an emotional roller coaster in the Xavier game, the Deacs come out and struggle to put points on the board early against a fully healthy LSU squad. Little to no answer for Simmons in the 2nd half keeps a Deacon comeback at bay as WF falls to 8-4.

Riley: LSU 90-86

LSU is finally full strength for tonight, while I've heard some noise that Mitchell Wilbekin may not play/be limited with an ankle injury. I fully expect Devin Thomas to draw the Ben Simmons assignment, but that it will take a total team effort to limit him (I don't think it matters who is on him). A player to watch is Tim Quarterman, who can put up triple-double numbers if not defended properly. The Tigers are a very good, albeit poorly coached, team, with one of the best rosters in America now that everybody is back. There should be a lot of run and gun tonight, and frankly I think Wake will have a chance to win it, but will default down the stretch on the road to LSU. Should be a pretty fun game to watch for the neutral observer.
Rob: LSU 78-65

LSU has so much length and athleticism, and I unfortunately think that will lead to a lot of turnovers for the Deacs. I'm also very concerned that Wake has no way of stopping Simmons, and will not play any zone defense.