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Wake Forest vs. Xavier: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

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The staff makes picks for tonight's game.

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Adam: Xavier wins 85-73

The Deacs' defense just has not been good at all this year. The Deacs have been able to survive the last 2 games, but against a top 10 opponent, the lack of defense will be a problem. As Manning said, if we continue to play the way we have on defense, we'll lose by 100. We obviously won't lose by that much, but I don't see anything changing against Xavier, and the Musketeers will likely shoot 50% or better for the game.

Bart: Xavier wins 81-63

Wake comes out flat against a team with the talent and potential to make a Final Four run. The Deacs will win a game or two against teams they shouldn't beat later in the year, but it won't be this one. This will be ugly from the get go.

Chris: Xavier wins 84-82

I do think Wake has a shot at winning this game, but Xavier has looked really tough this season. The road map to winning games this year for Wake is controlling tempo, playing a good inside-out game, and getting to the foul line. If Wake can stick to that, they can keep it interesting. Turnovers, jump shooting, and free throws will be a deciding factor in this game, and I just think Xavier will be too much for the Deacs.

Jake: Xavier wins 89-76

At this point I'm not sure if Wake just plays to the level of its competition, but the last few games have been underwhelming vs the level of competition.  I'm expecting a lot of energy in the building even without the students, but it gets away from the Deacs in the second half in a high scoring affair. Xavier is playing at a really high level right now and I don't have much evidence that Wake can slow them down on the defensive end.

Marc: Xavier wins 87-70

I think Wake has a real chance to win this game, but I don't expect them to. Xavier is undefeated and every win has been by double digits other than a 9 point win in their season opener. This will only be Xavier's second true away game of the season, but I don't know how hostile the Joel will be, particularly with the students on break. Hopefully Wake comes out with the appropriate intensity and catches Xavier looking forward to conference play. Otherwise, this could get ugly.

Riley: Xavier wins 81-75

The Wake Forest defense is just not good enough to get sufficient stops to win the game. I think the Deacs will come out hot and lead at the half before yielding to the more talented team in the Musketeers.

Rob: Xavier wins 79-75

I do expect Wake Forest to play very well in this contest, but Xavier is a damn good team. Their style of play - rebounding and getting to the foul line - should translate well on the road. Ultimately I expect Xavier to make a few more plays down the stretch and sneak out of Winston-Salem with a victory.

Samurai: Xavier wins 87-75

I think the game will be closer than the final score indicates, and I think we COULD make it very, very interesting, but I honestly think Xavier will be too much.