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Coastal Carolina @ Wake Forest Predictions

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The BSD crew takes a stab at predicting the Wake game tonight.

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What do the Blogger So Dear guys think will happen tonight? Keep reading to find out.

Bart: Wake Forest wins 84-71

Coastal has some injuries coming into tonight's game, but Wake has consistently played to the level of their competition this year (mostly to their disadvantage). Wake should be able to take care of business pretty easily and move to 8-2 before arguably one of Wake's biggest game in years against nationally ranked and undefeated Xavier on Tuesday.

Chris: Coastal wins 80-78 (BOO THIS MAN)

Wake struggles to get into the game and falls behind by double digits in the first half. In spite of a late rally, the team struggles shooting the ball, turns it over too much, and Wake loses, probably looking ahead to Xavier and the tough stretch ahead.

Jake: Wake wins 79-73

Devin Thomas continues to carry the team while the Deacs also continue to struggle defending the pick and roll. Expecting a nice performance from Crab after a lull against UNC-G.

Marc: Wake wins 86-71

Danny has the team ready to play after a mediocre showing a few nights ago. Wake will push the tempo and Coastal will struggle to keep up with a shorter bench.

Matt: Wake wins 85-70

John Collins goes off and Devin Thomas is going to be YOOGE, LIKE TRUMP YOOGE.

Riley: Wake wins 83-70

Coach Manning will have the full attention of the team and the response will be better than what we saw earlier this week. Look for Devin Thomas to continue his excellent play, and I also think Codi Miller-McIntyre will get his legs back under him and impress a lot of people as well.

Rob: Wake wins 80-65

Wake should have a decided advantage tonight in the interior. I'm also looking (hoping) for CMM to have an improved showing.

KenPom: Wake wins 78-70 (79%)