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Wake Forest vs. UNC Greensboro: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

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Who does the staff like in tonight's game?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The consensus is that Wake Forest moves to 7-2 tonight.

Adam: Wake Forest wins 84-65

The long awaited return of CMM plus some weak competition makes it seem like the Deacs will win this one easily. I expect the bigs to dominate the paint and the glass while CMM starts his season with double figures in scoring.

Bart: Wake Forest wins 84-73

Wake comes out a little bit sloppy in the first half, but is finally able to put a team away comfortably, and will lead by double digits for most of the second half. CMM's return will likely not see him get the number of minutes he will need to play during the ACC slate, but it is a great way to bring him off the bench and back into the game. UNCG will hit more threes than we would like and everyone will be frustrated about our proclivity to go under screens instead of over.

Chris: Wake Forest wins 80-63

I'm most interested to watch how Codi gels with Bryant Crawford. I think those two should be on the floor together a lot. Even if Codi is only able to give 15-20 minutes for a few games, it should only cut into minutes at the end of the bench, and not with regular rotation guys. Wake needs to focus on guarding the perimeter and not turning the ball over. If Wake can get to the line a lot, I could see them scoring 90. UNCG just isn't very good.

GrumpyDeac: Wake Forest wins 78-69

I'll be "pessimistic" and take Wake 78-69. Hopefully they come out fresh after a long break and amped up by CMM's return. I offer this prediction in case there's some rust to shake off after the long break and it takes Manning and the team a little while to get used to incorporating CMM in a real game lineup.

Ned: Wake Forest wins 84-68

CMM's long-awaited return is accompanied by a big win for the momentum-fueled Deacs. The WF bigs dominate on the glass all night long, DT registers another double-double, and Wake's D looks strong against a struggling UNCG side. Wake moves to 9-0 in the series and 7-2 overall on the year.

Riley: Wake Forest wins 85-71

Devin and John will be too much for the Spartans to overcome. It wouldn't surprise me if they hit a few threes to start the game, but it won't be sustainable enough to win the game.

Rob: Wake Forest wins 75-62

Wake simply has too much size on the interior. Even if some of their shots aren't falling initially, I think they will get enough chances for put backs that it won't matter.

Samurai: Wake Forest wins 80-55

Honestly, I'm expecting a romp with the Deacs hitting their stride, CMM's return, and soft competition. I'm looking for John Collins to have a new career high, as a more specific prediction.

Who do you all like in tonight's game?