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The Decision: Harry Giles' Announcement Open Thread

Here we go.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The long recruiting recruiting saga is going to be finalized this afternoon on the noon edition of SportsCenter. Harry Giles, the player Wake Forest fans have known about for five years, will announce his college decision. His final four choices are Wake Forest, Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky. The recruiting experts are very confident that Giles is headed to Duke.

He is the nation's top prospect, and still has a legitimate chance to be the number one pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, despite him tearing his ACL just several days ago.

It's a strange feeling to know that this will all be announced early this afternoon. I remember going with Jake and Riley to see Harry Giles play in the Carolina Challenge when he was just a freshman. It was clear at that time that he was already the best player, regardless of age, on the court.

Whoever gets Giles today is getting a player who will have an unbelievable impact as a freshman. I believe he will come back from this injury, and return to his elite status.

I think he's going to pick Duke, but I hope with all of my heart that I am wrong. We'll all find out together shortly. Sports are emotional. Please share yours with us below.