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Twitter Tidbits from Danny Manning Press Conference

Danny Manning had a press conference today to discuss some pre-season items, as well as the exhibition game on Friday night.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Manning hosted a press conference today to go over pre-season practices, the exhibition on Friday, as well as a few other tidbits that were discerned throughout the session. Great job by Les over at DeaconsIllustrated (Rivals) for his work, and many of the tweets below are his. I highly recommend subscribing to him over there if you want extremely close content and insider work.

The only thing that I can think regarding the Andre Washington redshirting news is as follows: Coach Manning talked with Andre and told him that he wasn't going to play a lot, he honored his scholarship so Dre can graduate, and also redshirts him so Dre can transfer after he graduates to play his final year somewhere else, all while earning a Masters Degree. That's a win/win to all parties involved if you ask me.

The starting lineup is pretty much exactly what we speculated, primarily because of the injury to Codi Miller-McIntyre, and the indefinite suspensions of Cornelius Hudson and Rondale Watson.

Wake Forest begins its season with an exhibition game on Friday vs. #13 (D2) UNC-Pembroke.