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Harry Giles to announce college choice on November 12th

The best player in the 2016 class has moved up his announcement two days, and will no longer be in Winston-Salem to do it.

Francois Nel/Getty Images

Editor's Note: Rick Lewis has since deleted the tweet that he originally sent out.

According to Rick Lewis, Harry Giles will announce his college decision on November 12th at Turner Gymnasium on ESPN.

It was originally released by his mother last week that Harry would be announcing November 14th in Winston-Salem, but that no longer appears to be the case.

All signs point to the decision coming between Wake Forest, Kentucky, and Duke, with most "experts" believing Duke will be the final destination.

As far as what this means I really have no idea. My first inclination is that it certainly isn't good for Wake, but that was really just because I thought it would be hard for him to announce that he is attending Duke while announcing in Winston-Salem.

At this point it probably doesn't mean anything. I am sure that he knows where he will be playing his one year of college basketball and the rest of us will find out next Thursday.

We will continue to follow the Giles recruitment and report back here if and when we gain any information surrounding it.